Notice: DNS server attacks led by Autumn Garden can not be accessed around the site
2011/7/22 7:24:58

You garden-friendly:

        From last night at 20:00 on July 21st, 2011 around, all over the country can not visit the site Autumn Park, but can still be accessed via IP. The beginning thought it was an isolated phenomenon, not long afterwards suddenly found more and more users can not access the report of the Friends Q Autumn Park, they recovered.

        So of course, find customer service, this look amazing, all right all the time online, an accident, a bird can meet again, had to run home to find customer service business in China, God, do not have a customer service link, do they are engaged in underground activities? No way back I registered a domain name agent, and finally from the site he found a line, catch a few to ask the other party answers, the problem has been reflected upward, even after the disappearance, and tangled, but upward to reflect, I Han was aware of the situation is not it?

Tangled and caught another in the online customer service, is an experienced customer service, direct off-line, offline messages and then write:

Now national domain instability, such as PING the server IP is normal, but the domain name PING not working; is precisely the cause of this Web site for open; make sure whether the information submitted by the domain name real name; and patiently wait for the next; countries in dealing with higher technologies.
Seem to tell you how it happens, DNS server domain instability, wait, well, I'll wait, usually such an incident, usually a few hours will be resolved, not resolved that big of a thing, N Wan The owners can not afford to hurt ah.

        13:00 the next day more, and things seemed to have no solution, still unresolved, the big day, a customer of the bar, so the Internet and arrest people, and this under the know: Business China's DNS resolver server is attacked , is being repaired. Online with the super-ping, about 1 / 3 the normal ping areas, other areas are still unresolved. Of course, the answer is customer service so you patience.

        No way, then other birds had withered, and had to temporarily change the primary DNS resolution to somewhere else, the current situation for the better, has more than 50% of the normal resolution, so this news report published in advance to give you a visitor .

Here is a trick, in the host machine to add a resolution can be permanently guaranteed safe access to: www.cyqdata.com

        Of course, regular business China's recent attacks on DNS servers, nothing less less attack, and your group of unscrupulous hackers, you have hurt many innocent owners ah, I BS you.

        Finally, all users want more visitors to appreciate, Station is not easy, something nothing more than a few times, experience can not visit Do not panic, do not make, according to the above tips, general security and peace, if they can not visit, stating that the server has , please send an email to support@cyqdata.com notice, thank you.

                                                                                                                Autumn Garden official


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